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Subsidized registrations for graduate students, undergraduates and post-doctoral fellows are made possible thanks to contribution from the National Science Foundation,  DuPont Industrial Biosciences and Zymo.

The venue of the meeting allows for excellent interactions between the speakers and the students.

The 2019 Zymo Best Presentation Awards

Elena Perry, Caltech, “An endogenously produced redox-active antibiotic promotes bacterial tolerance and resistance to clinical antibiotics”

Rebecca Schomer, UC Davis, “Hybrid two-component systems to identify chemoreceptor function in Pseudomonas putida

The 2018 Zymo Best Presentation Awards

Drew Dunham, UC Berkeley, “A single ORF in the anti-phage island of Vibrio chloerae is sufficient to block infection by the lytic bacteriophage ICP1”

Tiffany Halvorsen, UC Santa Barbara, “Post-translational modification of CdiA facilitates interspecies contact-dependent growth inhibition in Escherichia coli”

The winner of the Microbiology Society Oral Communication Prize for the 2016 Annual Meeting of the West Coast Bacterial Physiologists was:

Ali McCully, Graduate Student
Department of Biology, Indiana University
"Biased Competition for a Cross-Fed Nutrient is Required for Coexistence of Microbial Mutualists"